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Public Hearings on Cap and Trade: Action Item

Poppers- it’s time to be locally active! If you are able, please come to the public hearing and voice your support for HB 2020 (Cap & Trade) this Friday, March 1, at the Civic at noon. Better yet, bring a friend with you. Best to sign up a little early so the opposition doesn’t get all the time slots.

History of Carbon Pricing in Oregon

Here is some information on the history of Cap and Trade. The OSCC and the Partnership for Oregon Communities are on the opposite side of this issue.

Being aware of their information helps us in preparation for our position/testimony.

Thanks Debi for sharing this information:

New Climate Assessment Report

Trump tried to bury the new Fourth Climate Assessment Report but we all need to know about it. The full report is 1600 pages, but it has a summary. Everybody should at least check out the summary and be familiar with it. You can find it at . It also has chapters that focus on regions of the country including one for the Pacific Northwest here:

public lands and Walden

Check out this radio and TV ad just released tying Walden to selling our public lands access.

Cleaner Air Oregon community forum THURSDAY!!

Oregon DEQ and the Oregon Health Authority will facilitate a discussion about the proposed Cleaner Air Oregon rules. These rules will determine how industry air toxics are regulated in Oregon.

Please attend, get informed, and share your comments! Public comments close Dec. 22 so this may be our last chance to ask questions directly to those helping draft the rules.
For more information visit

Thursday Dec. 14 at 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM, CGCC 400 E Scenic Dr. Building 2, Third floor

clear cutting our public lands bill needs your action today!

Hey Poppers. Today (well tomorrow, actually), is an important vote we need to weigh in on. Tomorrow the House will be voting on the mother of all clear cutting bills, stripping away protections and regulations for logging on public lands all over the US. It will exempt the Clean Water Act and Endangered Species protections against logging our public lands. This is the same bill that Walden drew upon when framing his clear cut bill for the Columbia Gorge Scenic Area. Please call the following congressmen today and ask them please NOT vote for HR 2936!

Come join Friends of the Gorge this Wednesday, Oct 18th!

Gorge on Tap - Oct. 18, in The Dalles

On October 18, you will learn about Friends ongoing advocacy and land trust fundraising campaigns however the focus will be mainly on the fires and will give updates on damage extent and expected recovery efforts.

Walden continues to defy science

Guess who's at it again? As in guess who's one of the cosponsors of this bill (HR3144) that basically wants to let Hydro blow off both the Endangered Species Act (Salmon Recovery) AND allow Hydro to continue operating in a manner the US Courts have recently deemed currently irreparably damaging (to Salmon) and not even allow them to investigate possible immediate options? Seriously? To read more:

Walden's Clearcut Act needs your action!

Come on, you Indivisible “POPers”, let’s get on the phone and let Walden’s office hear from us about what he’s trying to do right here in our back yard with his latest HR 3715 “Scenic Columbia Gorge Restoration Act”. He’s taking advantage of the media hype over the recent Eagle Creek fire to require restoration "response activity" (commercial clearcutting) of multiple areas in increments up to 10,000 acres each that has been “impacted” (no definition of what constitutes an impact) INSIDE the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area.

another attempted public land grab

Oregon Wild has drawn attention to HR 2936 which is co sponsored by Mr. Walden. The following is a "fact sheet" Oregon Wild published. Please let your MOC hear your opinion. John S


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