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Help / Instructions

To subscribe to alerts

1. On left sidebar, click on Add subscription.
2. From either menu (left or middle), if you want to receive all alerts, click on All Alerts and then in the Content type dropdown, choose Alert. Leave send method as is (HTML email).
3. If you only want to receive alerts from one committee, click on Committee Alert, then in the "term" field, erase the "none" and type in your committee name.
4. Click Create Subscription.

To create an alert

1. On the left, click on add content. (If you don't see this, then you don't have permission to create alerts)
2. Click on Alert.
3. Enter a title and some body content. Below you have the option of entering a date, location, uploading a picture,
and choosing a committee.
4. If the alert has a date and you want it to show on the calendar, check the checkbox near the bottom of the page.
5. Click save. Pretty soon you should receive an email with your alert.
6. If you have entered an alert and it is not ready to go out but you want to save it, scroll down, click on Publishing options, and to the right uncheck the Published checkbox. When you are ready for the alert to go out, you will need to edit and check this box and save.
7. If you have created any alerts, there is a sidebar block on the lower right that links to all of them.

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