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Minute taker tonight? 6-27

POPers! We need a willing volunteer to take detailed notes tonight regarding MariRuth's presentation. We will want to distribute the information we learn to those who can't make it tonight. Volunteer? Please? Begging? Pleading? Free beer?

NORCOR Protest Monday, June 26 5-6 PM

POPers! Don't forget to come out tomorrow night, Monday June 26th, to protest ICE at NORCOR from 5-6 PM. This is community activism at its best! See you there!

Next POP meeting June 27th, 6PM, Route 30: Immigration Speaker

Next POP meeting is this coming Tuesday, June 27th, 6PM at Route 30. MariRuth Petzing, an attorney with Immigration Counseling Services (ICS) in Hood River will be our speaker. Her talk is entitled Immigration 101 and there will be lots of opportunities to ask her our questions. Let's pack the house with POPers, friends and neighbors so we can spread the word about what is and is not true regarding local immigration issues!!


Just a reminder that tomorrow night (Monday, June 19, 5-6 PM) is POP's night to rally at NORCOR. I will be at a board meeting for Fire and Rescue (my new duties as an elected progressive begin!) so I will not be able to be there with you. Please show up and show your concern about this very local issue of ICE being welcomed in to our community by NORCOR. Thank you!

Initiative Petition 5 being circulated for the 2018 election cycle

Voter suppression is coming to Oregon. Mike Nearman and James Buchal the chief petitioners wanting to to change the Oregon state constitution to require citizenship documents in order to vote. Even if you have voted in Oregon your whole life, your registration would expire, and you would have to prove your status to ever again be allowed to vote.

NORCOR Board Meeting/Protest Tomorrow June 15 9:30 AM

Please show up tomorrow morning, June 15th at NORCOR 9:30 AM for a protest rally. There is a NORCOR Board meeting starting at 10 AM so it would be great if protesters are out in force to welcome Board members as they drive in to the meeting. You are welcome to attend the public meeting at 10 AM. Thank you!

Get National Popular Vote in Oregon

We are focusing all of our efforts on urging Senator Ginny Burdick to hold a hearing on HB 2927. She's repeatedly told us she's in support of the bill, if she is she needs to show it by holding a hearing. She says she supports NPV but is not scheduling a hearing. NPV has already passed the state house and now we need Sen. Burdick to give it a hearing in the Senate Rules Committee so it can move to the senate floor for a vote.

Call to Action: Health Care and Impeachment!

Below is a note from Mary Stata who is our Indivisible Oregon Representative.

NORCOR Protest Tonight Monday, June 12

Happy Monday POPers! It is our turn to be at the NORCOR protest tonight so hope to see you there. Let's have another good showing of ICE protesters. Goes from 5-6PM and signs will be there for you! Thank you!

Next POP meeting June 15 6PM Route 30

Next POP meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 15th at Route 30. Tentative agenda includes:
Billboard Update: moving forward!!
Committee Reports
Social Media
NORCOR Protests
ROP Caucus Report (Rural Organizing Project)
and more.....
Great LTEs (Letters to the Editor) over the last two weeks. Do keep writing and keep up the pressure on Walden. Lovin'it!


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