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June POP Meeting and MORE

Hi Everyone. Please mark your calendars for our next POP meeting, Tuesday June 25th at 6 pm at Route 30.

We had a good turnout last month for our POP book group that met prior to the regular meeting and they want to start at 5:00 this month, to have more time to discuss their books. If you want to participate, come at 5.

Commissioner Kathy Schwartz will be our guest speaker, to fill us in on what's happening in Wasco County, and how her new job as our County Commissioner is going.

DON'T FORGET! Senator Jeff Merkley Town Hall Today at noon

Today (Saturday June 15) at the National Guard Readiness Center, Senator Jeff Merkley is hosting a Town Hall from noon - 1pm. Come a bit early to sign in and get a ticket if you want to ask a question. If you don't want to ask a question, get a ticket anyway and give it to someone who does want to ask a question, to give them a better chance of having their number called.

Update on HB2020 with a need for volunteers to get it passed

HB2020 passed out of Ways and Means yesterday on a 13:8 vote.

It now moves to the House floor next week presumably - probably a positive vote, then the Senate floor. A final vote in the House is scheduled for next Monday. There seems to be a great deal of confidence that this will happen since the Ds have a 35:25 edge and thus HB2020 can lose 4 votes and still prevail.

Carbon Cap/Invest Bill Needs Help

Hi POP members. Oregon's HB 2020 was looking like it was going to go through, but today, a new threat emerged. Renew Oregon has just notified Indivisible Groups that an amendment has been proposed that would exempt fuel from the bill until 2025. This would virtually doom the bill to irrelevance, exactly what opponents want.

Other Indivisible groups around the state are joining in on a letter to our State Legislators asking them not to vote for the amendment. I have attached that letter here as a PDF file.

Jeff Merkley Town Hall June 15 - Volunteers Needed

Hi POP members! We've just learned that Senator Jeff Merkley will be in The Dalles for a Town Hall on Saturday June 15 (next Saturday!) at the Readiness Center from noon-1 pm.

His staff is looking for 5-6 volunteers to sign people in, hand out tickets for people who want to ask questions, etc. If you are willing to volunteer for our Senator, please email or call me directly at or 541-980-2047.

Vote for a POP Logo

Hi Everyone. We need your opinion! At our meeting on Tuesday, we discussed creating a logo for POP. This logo will be used if our group wants to sign onto future letters with other POP groups to make our voice a little louder. For example, a number of Indivisible groups throughout Oregon recently joined in on a letter to Governor Brown expressing disappointment that she "gave away" some gun safety legislation and vaccination legislation to get Republican lawmakers to return to work and pass the education bill (after their 4 day walkout/strike).

POP Meeting Tuesday May 28

Don't Forget!
POP Meeting Tuesday May 28, 6 pm at Route 30 Bottles and Brew.

As you all know, there is much going on locally, state-wide, and nationally, that needs our attention and action, so I hope to see you Tuesday night!

At a past meeting, it was suggested that people might like to gather earlier to discuss some political books they have read, so for those who want to do that, how about meeting around 5:30 this first time? If we have a big group and need more time, and want to make it a regular event, we can decide if we want to meet earlier in the future.

Farewell Party for Bev and Ray Sherrill on Wednesday May 22

'Hope to see you all this Wednesday, May 22 at 6 pm to wish Bev and Ray and fond farewell as they are moving to Florence. Bev starts her job at Heceta Lighthouse State Park in June, so come and give them both a great send-off. The party will be at Tim Schechtel's place - 3511 Sandlin Rd. To get there, go about 3 miles out Cherry Heights Rd and turn right onto Sandlin. Tim said he'd put a wine barrel at the end of the driveway to lead the way.

Action Needed Today!

Folks, the Republicans in the Oregon Senate are playing political games and holding many important bills hostage by not showing up to work so that voting can take place.

POP Activities in May

Wednesday May 22 at 6 pm - Join us for a Farewell Party for two of our most faithful activists - Bev and Ray Sherrill. Bev and Ray will be moving to Florence to be closer to grandkids. We will surely miss them and all they do for the community and the progressive cause. Tim Schechtel has volunteered his place at 3511 Sandlin Road to give them a warm send-off. Bring a potluck dish and eating utensils, and maybe a folding chair. If the weather allows, we'll enjoy a lovely spring evening in the vineyard!

Tuesday May 28th at 6 pm - Our monthly POP meeting at Route 30


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