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Azure Farms Spraying

The following is a link regarding the very local issue of spraying Azure Farms. Please read it and then respond to the contact person listed (Lauren Hernandez in Sherman County). This issue undoubtedly has two sides, but until both sides are investigated it seems that it's premature to barge ahead with forced spraying. Us locals need the opportunity to become informed and to weigh in. At the end of this alert is a copy of the email I sent in earlier today. JS

Congressional Budget Office plans to release score on revised AHA week of May 22nd

Let’s be ready for the CBO report on the revised American Health Act to be released the week of May 22nd according to The Hill online. The Senate will start work on the health care bill a few weeks after the CBO report
Below is a link to an analysis by Public Citizen on how Mick Mulvaney, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, used misleading statements in his attempt to discredit the CBO report on the first house bill proposed.

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