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POP Alerts

Next POP meeting

Just reminding all to come and hear a really informative presentation by our guest speaker, Peter Cornelius, on the issues surrounding the transportation of coal and oil through our communities at our upcoming POP meeting this Thursday at 6 pm. It would be nice to have a good turn out so be sure to invite a friend. Come grab a bite, share a beverage, and get informed at what should be a good meeting. See you there!

Will we have a Women's Equality Day (Aug 26) event in The Dalles?

Several Indivisible groups around the country are planning events to celebrate Women's Equality Day on August 26. If you are intrigued, contact me at for information on how to join the Suffragists conference call to hear ideas and plans happening around the country.

Immigration 101 Training Uploaded

The Immigration presentation at the POP general meeting on June 27 has been uploaded to the POP website and can be downloaded here! You can also get it by going to the website and looking at the left sidebar on the home page. Please check it out and send us comments from the website. Please note that the presentation is not legal advice.

National Monument Protection: needs more letters

Looks like the initial public support for preserving our National Monuments (like the Siskiyous) has had some effect but now they're trying to get industry interests to weigh in to dilute the public's outcry. So, it's time to send another email to Zinke. Tell him to leave our monuments alone and do something constructive with his time. J Schwartz


"The Republican attacks on health care are devastating. Gutting Medicaid. Charging seniors an age tax. Kicking 23 million people off their insurance. Imposing annual and lifetime limits on employer-sponsored plans. Limiting women's access to quality, affordable care"--Senator Wyden says it well.

Now is the time to urge your friends in other states to call their Senators and ask them to vote against Trumpcare.

Thank our Senators for delaying action on Trumpcare as long as possible.

Send letters to the Editor.

Initiative Petition 5 being circulated for the 2018 election cycle

Voter suppression is coming to Oregon. Mike Nearman and James Buchal the chief petitioners wanting to to change the Oregon state constitution to require citizenship documents in order to vote. Even if you have voted in Oregon your whole life, your registration would expire, and you would have to prove your status to ever again be allowed to vote.

Get National Popular Vote in Oregon

We are focusing all of our efforts on urging Senator Ginny Burdick to hold a hearing on HB 2927. She's repeatedly told us she's in support of the bill, if she is she needs to show it by holding a hearing. She says she supports NPV but is not scheduling a hearing. NPV has already passed the state house and now we need Sen. Burdick to give it a hearing in the Senate Rules Committee so it can move to the senate floor for a vote.


Look out for Mitch McConnell to try to ram through a vote for Trumpcare before the end of June and before people can learn more about it.

Trumpcare will take healthcare insurance away from 23 million Americans. Urge your friends and relatives in other states to contact their Representatives and keep Writing those letters to the papers.

Take Action for Oil Train Safety

ACTION ALERT! There are currently bills in the Oregon and U.S. Legislature that relate to the transport of explosive Bakken crude oil on rail cars through Oregon. Here are some things you can do now to help protect Oregon from another disaster like Mosier experienced a year ago. Below the action items is some background information.

Action Items:

Tesoro-Savage Air Permit Hearing - Vancouver, WA

This is your last chance to give your input and say NO to the proposed oil terminal in Vancouver, WA.

In June, Washington’s Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) will hold its final major public hearing on the Tesoro Savage oil-by-rail terminal. EFSEC will take public comments on the draft air pollution permit for Tesoro, the largest proposed oil train terminal in North America. This is your last chance to weigh-in before EFSEC makes a final recommendation to Governor Inslee.


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