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Get National Popular Vote in Oregon

We are focusing all of our efforts on urging Senator Ginny Burdick to hold a hearing on HB 2927. She's repeatedly told us she's in support of the bill, if she is she needs to show it by holding a hearing. She says she supports NPV but is not scheduling a hearing. NPV has already passed the state house and now we need Sen. Burdick to give it a hearing in the Senate Rules Committee so it can move to the senate floor for a vote.


Look out for Mitch McConnell to try to ram through a vote for Trumpcare before the end of June and before people can learn more about it.

Trumpcare will take healthcare insurance away from 23 million Americans. Urge your friends and relatives in other states to contact their Representatives and keep Writing those letters to the papers.

Take Action for Oil Train Safety

ACTION ALERT! There are currently bills in the Oregon and U.S. Legislature that relate to the transport of explosive Bakken crude oil on rail cars through Oregon. Here are some things you can do now to help protect Oregon from another disaster like Mosier experienced a year ago. Below the action items is some background information.

Action Items:

Tesoro-Savage Air Permit Hearing - Vancouver, WA

This is your last chance to give your input and say NO to the proposed oil terminal in Vancouver, WA.

In June, Washington’s Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) will hold its final major public hearing on the Tesoro Savage oil-by-rail terminal. EFSEC will take public comments on the draft air pollution permit for Tesoro, the largest proposed oil train terminal in North America. This is your last chance to weigh-in before EFSEC makes a final recommendation to Governor Inslee.

Zest: Night: Effective Nonviolent Resistance

Nonviolent actions are becoming the new alternative to violent uprisings. Most nonviolent actions are planned as single events, such as a march or protest. But isolated nonviolent actions accomplish little if they’re not part of a larger strategy.

What Do We Want From Our Wild - Humanities Discussion

Wednesday June 7th at 7 p.m. Hood River Museum on the Waterfront.

A discussion beyond political policies about our wild places and animals, and how we want to interact with them going forward.

Initiative Petition would revoke Oregon's Sanctuary Law

This is petition is in the signature gathering stage. It is currently referred to as IP 22. It is being proposed for the 2018 election, and would repeal the Oregon Sanctuary law, which prohibits state and local law enforcement from acting as ICE agents.

The AFL-CIO has a web page about it, and a petition you can sign to oppose it here:

Suggestions for environmental action

Here are suggestions for environmental action and response from the Oregon League of Conservation Voters:

National Popular Vote Oregon

We need National Popular Vote - NPV! The presidential election winner should be the candidate who gets the most votes! It doesn't require a constitutional amendment with the NPV interstate compact, it just requires enough states to sign on and then in 2020, the presidential election will be fair and democratic.

6 days left to #StandIndivisible this recess

POP Members:

It’s congressional recess, and local Indivisible groups across the country are doing amazing things to make their voices heard.

For the next six days, Congress is in recess. Senators and Representatives are back home in their states and districts. Behind closed doors, Republicans in the Senate are weighing whether to protect the well-being of their constituents, or give Donald Trump a win on TrumpCare. And what they decide to do is going to greatly depend on what they hear this recess.


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