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POP Meeting

This is a reminder that we have a POP meeting on Tuesday November 24 at 6:30 pm. Here is the link to join -
To Join By Phone, Dial 253-215-8782
Meeting ID: 872 1181 4244
Passcode: 300627

Also, if you are interested in learning more about the Timber Tax Fairness issue I mentioned in the last newsletter, you can click this link to register for that meeting tonight (Monday Nov 23) at 6 pm. It would be great to have some progressive Wasco County residents attend this informational meeting.

If you have any questions, email me at Replying directly to this email won't work.


Demand Michigan Lawmakers Uphold the Will of Voters


As you know, Trump is doing everything in his power to stay in power. Here's a message from The Lincoln Project about something we can all do today. And please feel free to pass this on.....

Trump has summoned members of the Michigan GOP in a bid to continue his charade. Michigan’s Senate Majority Leader, Mike Shirkey, and Speaker of the House, Lee Chatfield, are meeting with Trump today to attempt to continue denying Joe Biden the electoral votes he’s won.

Please take a few minutes to contact them today to demand that the results of the election - and the will of Michigan voters - are upheld.

Lee Chatfield
Michigan Speaker of the House
Office #: (517) 373-2629

Mike Shirkey
Michigan Senate Majority Leader
Office #: (517) 373-5932

We must stay focused, stay vigilant, and stay confident. Our system is holding firm. Joe Biden is our duly elected president-elect, and he will take the office on January 20.

Joe Biden is now the President-elect

The news agencies are all calling it now. Thank you, POPPERS, for your contributions to this moment!

Election Watch Party

We're having a virtual election watch party Tuesday night starting at 7:45, to celebrate our efforts to elect honest, decent people, both locally and nationally. It may be hours and days before we know the results for the national races, but we will very likely have results for Oregon's state and local races a few minutes after 8pm. As our county clerk, Lisa Gambee, explained to me, Oregon county clerks send the results of ballots counted so far to the Secretary of State around 6pm on election night, and those results are posted just a few minutes after 8pm. In Wasco County, that 6pm tally usually represents about 85% of the ballots and unless the races are very close, it should give us a pretty good idea of what the final results will be. We can keep the Zoom meeting open for as long as people want to watch the national results come in, and you can stay on or leave as you wish.

To join Zoom Election Watch Party, click -

Meeting ID: 862 2226 7115
Passcode: 873511

If you have some spare time Monday or Tuesday, I urge you to join a phone bank. I know it can feel frustrating and not worth the time, but these last two days, the focus will be to make sure voters in swing states know that they must turn mail ballots in to Dropboxes or to the county elections office. With all the legal challenges by Republicans trying to suppress votes, it is imperative that voters know it is too late to mail their ballots. Helping voters make sure their votes count is the highest priority right now. Even if we call 100 people and most don't answer or hang up or ask to be taken off the list, if we reach just two people and help them find where to return their ballot, it's a success. With thousands of volunteers working together, those numbers add up and can mean the difference between winning and losing in close races. Here are two that I have found to be pretty good.

++ Vote Save America to call voters in all the swing states

++ Indivisble Oregon calling voters in Arizona for Biden/Harris and Mark Kelly for Senate

And, I'd like to thank our many volunteers for amazing efforts this past week! Ten of you prepared 1500 "Remember to Vote" cards with rubber bands and personal notes. Twenty of you walked neighborhoods and hung those cards on the doors of Democrats who hadn't yet voted, and thirty of you called Democrats in Wasco County who hadn't yet voted with a reminder about returning ballots to a dropbox by Tuesday at 8pm.

In addition many more of you have written post cards and letters to voters for weeks leading up to the election, you've staffed the Dems' office, you've helped people register to vote, you've purchased Biden-Harris signs (often multiple times after yours were stolen) which provided financial support to our local candidates, and you've donated!

I am so inspired by your spirit and it has been a source of great comfort to know that there are so many of us who value our democracy and our willing to give all we can to protect it.

And lastly, a special thanks to Kathy Schwartz, for starting POP four years ago, to start preparing for this very moment we are now in.


POP Update After Thursday's Meeting

At last night’s POP meeting, we heard a great report from Darcy Long-Curtiss about the finalization of a space for individual homeless shelters in The Dalles, so that people have a warm and safe space during the cold months ahead. Thank you, Darcy, for your tireless efforts on behalf of those who have fallen on hard times. If folks would like to volunteer or help with some food, please contact Darcy at

We also heard from Sandy and Bob about the Election Protection viewing that is happening. All is going well. Volunteers have identified a few things of concern and our county clerk, Lisa Gambee, has responded very positively and has made every effort to have complete transparency in this process. Wasco County began counting ballots this past Wednesday. As of the end of the day Wednesday, 9878 ballots had been returned in our county, about 54% turnout so far. For Democrats only, the turnout has been a whopping 70%! But this means there are still plenty of ballots that need to be returned. Thank you, Bob and Sandy, for your fabulous skills in recruiting and organizing 40 volunteers to poll watch for this election!

“Never before in modern presidential politics has a candidate been so reliant on wide-scale efforts to depress the vote as Trump.” ~Politico

The solution? Let’s Get Out The Vote! Here are three things you can do this weekend.

As phone-banking goes, these are the easy calls. You’ll be calling people who have requested mail ballots but haven’t returned them yet, calling Dems and other Biden supporters to let them know they have to return their ballot to a dropbox or election site and provide them with the information to find the nearest place to return their ballots.

++ Vote Save America to call voters in all the swing states

++ Indivisble Oregon calling voters in Arizona for Biden/Harris and Mark Kelly for Senate

2. GET OUT THE VOTE FOR OUR LOCAL AND STATE CANDIDATES WITH A LIT DROP THIS WEEKEND – Join other local volunteers to walk neighborhoods in The Dalles (or Maupin or Mosier if you live there) and hang one last reminder to vote and to turn in ballots at the nearest dropbox. Three brief (15 minutes) trainings and materials pick-up will be held Friday and Saturday at the Wasco County Democrats’ office at 203 Washington St. After the training, you can walk your list at your convenience over the weekend. The weather is supposed to be quite nice so bring a friend for a GOTV walk. Here are the three training times. Pick one and please email me at so I know how many people to expect at each training.

Friday at 4 pm OR Saturday at 9 am OR Saturday at 11am


For City Council Candidates Dan, Darcy, and Tiffany. Show up at The Dalles Post Office on 2nd St for an hour to wave a sign with a general "go vote today" message, or for one of the three TD city council candidates endorsed by the county Democrats. Text Dan at 541-238-2883 if you can come and include your cell number so he can reach you if there is a last minute change of plans.

- 8am, Friday, October 30
- 8am, Monday, November 2
- 4pm, Monday, November 2

ELECTION NIGHT ZOOM PARTY – We will get results for state and local races pretty quickly after 8 pm. According to our county clerk, these results usually reflect about 85% of the vote. We most likely won’t know much about national races for quite a while. But the POP group decided they would like to join together via Zoom to see the results come in, so watch for a link in a couple of days to join a Zoom call starting at 7:45 on election night.

POST ELECTION “PROTECT THE RESULTS” MEETING A group of representatives from POP, Indivisible Columbia Gorge in Hood River, and Columbia Gorge Women’s Action Network will be meeting Wednesday Nov 4 at 11 am to assess the situation and will make a decision about whether or not some action needs to be taken, and if so, when. So please watch Wednesday afternoon for any announcements about that. We plan to spread the word through email and our local activist groups. If we take action, it will be a peaceful protest to Count Every Vote, and we do not want to attract any counter-protesters with guns, so we will not announce any plans in advance of Wednesday afternoon.

Here is some great info about what to expect in the coming days…..

Julian Castro explaining the Blue Shift

How Trump could attempt to steal the election

POP Meeting Tonight at 6:30

I hope you can join us for our last POP meeting before Election Day, via Zoom, tonight at 6:30. Here is the link and info needed to join.
Meeting ID: 832 8946 2244
Passcode: 097339

To Join by Phone, Dial 253 215 8782 (same meeting ID and passcode)

On our agenda: Actions we can take in the last 6 days of voting locally and nationally; Actions being planned for after Election Day if Trump loses and refuses to accept the results; an update on the recently adopted emergency action by The Dalles City Council regarding homeless shelters for the coming months; update on voter turnout in Wasco County and Oregon so far.

Here is the link to read about the city's homeless Emergency Resolution:

'Hope to see you tonight!

Ten More Days to Make a Difference

Dear Faithful POPPERS,

We have just 10 days left until Election Day. All the experts are telling us that, no matter what the polls say, we cannot rest until November 4, and even then we may still have work to do. This election is very much up in the air. In this POP Alert you’ll find three important topics:

Volunteer Options for the next 10 days.

Ballot box intimidation in Oregon – What to do if you see it.

Protecting the Results and POP Meeting Rescheduled to Thursday October 29th at 6:30 pm.

If you want to help with any of these options or contact me about something, please reply to (Replying to this POP Alert won’t reach me).


NEIGHBORHOOD LEADER TEAM - make calls to Democrats in Wasco County who haven’t voted by the weekend before Election Day. It’s a simple reminder about the importance of voting, about turning ballots in at a Dropbox, and answering questions if they aren’t sure about some aspect of voting. As phone calls go, it’s pretty easy, and it likely won’t be a lot of calls, since most people are voting early. We already have 25 local volunteers signed on to do this, most in their own neighborhood, but we can use more.

LIT DROP NEXT WEEKEND - We’ll be walking around town and hanging Get Out The Vote reminders on door handles of folks who haven’t yet voted. There will be a brief training, and time to pick up materials, and then you can walk your list with a friend and enjoy some exercise while you volunteer for democracy.

NATIONAL PHONE BANKS FOR SWING STATES – There are lots of these happening, and you’re probably getting invitations to join. If you’re not sure where to start, Indivisible Oregon has some great options every day from now until election day. Go to and scroll all the way to the bottom to join other Oregon Indivisibles and call swing state voters. Another great phone-banking opportunity is with Vote Save America and 2020 Victory. They’ll be having Pod Save America’s hosts on their training calls to help you get started. Click here to sign up - Phone banking isn’t my favorite activity, but it’s a walk in the park compared to four more years of Trump, so I’m doing it!

BALLOT BOX INTIMIDATION – You may have seen national reports of Trump supporters hanging around ballot boxes or early polling places, intimidating voters. It has been happening in Oregon. In Bend, Trump supporters are parking by ballot boxes in their diesel trucks decorated with flags and Trump signs, and also driving by early voters and “rolling coal.” I had to Google what this meant, but essentially they are gunning their diesel engines to release a cloud of thick black exhaust. Rolling coal is illegal, by the way. Indivisible groups in Oregon have identified these steps to take if we see any sort of intimidation in our local areas.

+ Notify local police (City) or sheriff (County) – 911
+ Notify our Voter Protection Leaders, Sandy and Bob Haechrel 541-298-5004 or 541-965-2205
+ Create caravan to site and/or ballot box escorts
+ Take photos, videos if possible, including license plates and other identifying info
+ Use de-escalation techniques
+ Notify OR Attorney General election hotline - 971-673-4111
+ Notify ACLU Voter Protection Hotline - 877-523-2792
+ Notify U.S. Department of Justice voting rights hotline - 800-253-3931
+ OR Attorney General’s Bias Response Hotline at 844-924-2427 (if voters experience bias based on their protected class, including race, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or national origin)

OUR NEXT POP MEETING will be moved to Thursday, October 29, at 6:30 pm. This is to accommodate those of us who will be attending two Zoom calls on Tuesday and Wednesday next week regarding “Protect The Results,” plans to activate protests across the country if Trump loses and refuses to accept the results.

Please plan to join us for that Thursday meeting. Details for the Zoom call will be sent out later. Meeting topics will be plans Get Out The Vote over the final weekend, as well as plans for what to do if the president refuses to commit to a peaceful transfer of power after losing. This is a frightening but very real possibility.

If you want to join with some fellow POPPERS for the state and national trainings for “Protect The Results,” please email me at for details.

Thanks for reading, and now…..let’s make some phone calls!

Debi Ferrer

Protect The Results

Indivisible has teamed up with Stand Up America and 110 other groups nationally to prepare for the potential scenario that Donald Trump loses this election and refuses to accept the results. In addition to doing all we can to make sure he does, in fact, lose, we also need to be prepared for this very real possibility.

There is the second in a series of three webinars for "Protect The Results" by Indivisible National today at 4 pm. The first was recorded so it can still be viewed. The third is next Wednesday at 4 pm. If any of you would like to participate in these to help our group prepare, please email for the webinar registration and other related information.

Additionally, there is a statewide Indivisible meeting on this topic next Tuesday October 27th at 7 pm. This is our regularly scheduled POP meeting night. I propose that we move our POP meeting next week to Thursday night, October 29th, at 6:30. This will allow some of us to attend the statewide meeting on Tuesday AND have more information for you all on Thursday, after attending the statewide meeting and the third national webinar.

So our next POP meeting will be Thursdsay, October 29th at 6:30 pm via Zoom, and the main topics will be our last weekend GOTV efforts, plus discussion of what we need to do to Protect The Results of our election.

If you can't attend the webinar but would like to read a great resource to help our group prepare, Indivisible is using a guide called "Hold the Line" which can be found at It is very thorough and helpful!

I will probably be sending out daily POP alerts from now until election day. Things are changing too fast, and so a weekly newsletter won't do the trick. So please watch for these POP alerts and help with what you can for these last 13 days!

Debi Ferrer

Wasco Democrats Oktoberfest

This Saturday (October 17) from noon to 3pm, the Wasco County Democrats will be hosting an outdoor Oktoberfest with free barbecued bratwursts, beer, wine, and other beverages. POP members are all invited. Location is 203 Washington Street, on the street in front of the Dems office.

The Dems' endorsed local candidates will all be there so you can meet them and hear them give a short speech - Alex Spenser (US Congressional Dist 2), Carina Miller (OR Senate Dist 30), Arlene Burns (OR House Dist 59), and The Dalles City Council candidates Darcy Long-Curtiss, Dan Richardson, and Tiffany Prince.

Bring a lawn chair if you want to sit for a while, and of course, wear a mask and plan to social distance. Come and celebrate the arrival of our ballots and our opportunity to vote for these great candidates!


Hey Poppers! There are two rewarding volunteer opportunities for this coming weekend....

Community Litter Clean Up this Saturday Oct 10 - Meet at Thompson Park at 10:00am. Organizers will send crews to various places around town.

Help with Voter Registration between now and the deadline, next Tuesday Oct 13.
Kristine and Will are planning to set up a voter registration table this Friday, October 10, from 3-5 pm, in front of the post office in The Dalles.

If you are interested in doing some registration yourself and could be available for a shift on Saturday the 10th, please come by to meet Will and Kristine on Friday and see the setup or let Kristine ( know of your interest.

On Saturday we would envision 2 hour shifts starting 10-12, then 12-2, 2-4, 4-6.

In order for the Saturday event to happen, we need someone to come by the post office at 5pm on Friday to pick up the materials. Ideally, whoever picks things up would be able to set things up and work the 10-12 shift on Saturday. (There are some signs, a small sandwich board, small table and registration info all of which can easily fit in the back of a small hatchback.)

October 13 is the deadline for registration! The set up is pretty easy, and people could go out other days as well, and to other sites. Please contact Kristine if you are willing to work a shift. They have been registering people each time they are out, so there are still unregistered voters to be found!


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