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POP Alerts

Call Cliff Bentz TODAY to vote for Impeachment

Call Bentz's Washington DC number - 202 225 6730. Ask everyone in your household to call. Ask your friends who live in District 2 to call. Feel free to forward this message on to those friends.

As I'm sure you know, our newby Congressman voted last week to object to the Electoral College vote from Pennsylvania, even after the insurrection we all witnessed at the Capitol. That vote was inexcusable. There will likely be some consequences for him in District 2 as a result, but that is for a little later.

For right now, we need to demand that he vote in favor of the Article of Impeachment against Donald Trump tomorrow. Be polite but firm. Keep it simple. This is a numbers game. If enough people call, perhaps he will consider it politically in his interests to do so, because he has made it clear that his votes will be based on his own political interests. He has even less integrity that Greg Walden had. Right now, we need this to be a bi-partisan vote against Trump, and we need Bentz to help. There will be time later for Bentz to face some accountability.

Here's a sample script:

Hi, my name is _____ and I live in ____. I'm a constituent of Congressman Bentz. I'm calling today to ask that Mr Bentz vote in favor of the Article of Impeachment against Donald Trump tomorrow. The nation watched Mr Trump incite hundreds of his supporters to commit insurrection, which led to injury and death. If this is not an impeachable offense, then nothing is. I implore Mr Bentz to put aside partisan politics and do the right thing for our country.

Pre-Town Hall Prep Meeting Wednesday at 5pm

There will be a Zoom meeting to discuss topics and strategies in preparation for the Findley/Bonham town hall on Wednesday January 13th at 5 pm. See my previous POP Alert for why this is important. Here is the link to join the prep meeting:
Meeting ID: 829 2266 1564
Passcode: 760300

To Join By Phone, Dial 253 215 8782
Meeting ID: 829 2266 1564
Passcode: 760300

Thursday January 14 at 5:30 pm is the day and time for the virtual town hall with our state legislators, Lynn Findley and Daniel Bonham. Registration is required. Here's the link to register - After you register, they will send you a link to join that meeting on Thursday.

Email if you have questions.

Findley and Bonham to hold virtual town hall

Mark your calendars...Thursday January 14 at 5:30 pm...for a virtual town hall with our state legislators, Lynn Findley and Daniel Bonham. Registration is required. Here's the link to register -

Now is the time to start asking hard questions of our elected officials, like why they voted the way they did during the recent December special session. Below is a summary of the bills that were discussed and how they each voted. Additionally, we need to let them know that we expect them to stay and work during the upcoming legislative session. Walking out is not governing. If any of you are interested in meeting by Zoom earlier next week to come up with some good questions to ask or statements to make, email me at

Summary of their recent December votes...

HB 4401 - Findley and Bonham voted against it. It passed anyway.
Requires Housing and Community Services Department to provide distributions to certain residential landlords for unpaid rent after April 1, 2020. Requires department to report to Legislative Assembly on grants by September 15, 2021. Sunsets January 2, 2023. Extends until December 31, 2020, emergency period during which residential evictions for nonpayment are prohibited. Extends until June 30, 2021, prohibitions of terminations without cause, emergency period and repayment date for nonpayment by tenants declaring financial hardships. Extends 72- and 144-hour notices for nonpayment of rent to 10- and 13-day notices and increases penalty for landlord's retaliatory conduct until June 30, 2021. Tolls statute of limitations for residential landlords' claims for nonpayment through June 30, 2021. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

HB 4402 - Findley and Bonham voted yes. It passed.
Limits liability of school districts, union high schools, education service districts, public charter schools, private schools providing instruction to any grade from kindergarten through grade 12 and community colleges for certain claims arising during COVID-19 emergency period.

SB 1801 - Findley No, Bonham Yes It passed.
Allows holder of full on-premises sales license to sell and deliver mixed drinks or single serving of wine in sealed containers for off-premises consumption.

SB 1802 and 1803 regarding liability of hospitals and health care providers during Covid emergency period...neither bill was voted on, both were referred to general session.

SB 5731 Findley and Bonham voted yes. It passed
Appropriates moneys from General Fund to Emergency Board for allocations during current biennium

What Next?


Like many of you, what happened yesterday was not a surprise to me. We all knew what Trump was capable of when we joined Indivisible and formed POP four years ago. What WAS surprising was that so many Republicans helped him do it by promoting his fantasy that he won the election, including our own newly-elected Cliff Bentz. Mr Bentz voted to certify the AZ electoral college vote, but he voted AGAINST certifying the Pennsylvania vote last night, thereby becoming a member of the "Sedition Coalition." Perhaps he was trying to protect both flanks or just couldn't commit to a decision based on principle, as is evidenced by this interview with the Oregonian -

I am unsure of what to do next, but two things come to my mind.

First, I need your help in keeping track of any articles, FB posts or tweets, or other information about Cliff Bentz. Sign up for his congressional newsletter. Send me anything you see that we can use for an LTE and for other ways to call him out for his behavior or his votes against the interests of Oregonians. I will keep a file. Jamie McLeod-Skinner has formed a PAC intended to recruit, train and provide resources for potential rural leaders and candidates. After yesterday's vote, it's clear that Mr Bentz will be a major target for us in two years. If anyone is interested in helping on a sort of "Bentz-tracking" team, please let me know. Other groups in OR District 2 are also planning to do this, so we will likely be working with them. And of course, feel free to call his office (he's using Walden's old phone number - 202-225-6730) or email him at I understand several of you were unable to get through on his phone line.

Second, I'd like to do something to celebrate what we have achieved. We have much to celebrate. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will take office two weeks from today. We won the Georgia Senate races and will take control of the Senate. We have accomplished our goals to DUMP TRUMP AND DITCH MITCH! I'm not sure how to do this responsibly while Wasco County is at "extremely high" risk for spread of covid. I welcome any suggestions you may have. Please email me ideas, or post them on the POP Facebook page. Next week is Indivisible's Week of Action. Perhaps we can aim for something during that week.

I welcome any other suggestions for Indivisible!

Debi Ferrer

Two Actions Needed

As I write this tonight, things are looking hopeful in Georgia. I expect many of you are watching it, too. Two wins would be amazing!

There are a couple things that need some immediate action. Please help if you can...

Cliff Bentz, our new Representative in Congress, who just replaced Greg Walden on Sunday, has refused to say whether or not he will support the Electoral College Vote tomorrow, according to OPB, but according to the Baker City Herald, he has called for an investigation "where irregularities have been observed." (

You know what to do, POPPERS. This is unacceptable. Email and call him and ask him to provide evidence of "irregularities" or stop promoting anti-democratic conspiracy theories his first week in office. Demand that he confirm Biden's clear victory on Wednesday. Phone: (202) 225-6730 Email:

The second thing is a reminder that there is a Wasco County Commissioner's meeting on Wednesday at 9am. A group of business owners have asked the County to support their efforts to relax the restrictions on businesses, at at time when Oregon and Wasco County is experiencing it's worst covid caseload of the year, by far. See the newsletter I sent out on New Year's Day for more information. If you can attend the meeting tomorrow, you might be able to share your opinion of this idea. Note that our county health experts do NOT support relaxing the restrictions at this time. Here is the link to the meeting or to contact your county commissioners by email.

POP Meeting

This is a reminder that we have a POP meeting on Tuesday November 24 at 6:30 pm. Here is the link to join -
To Join By Phone, Dial 253-215-8782
Meeting ID: 872 1181 4244
Passcode: 300627

Also, if you are interested in learning more about the Timber Tax Fairness issue I mentioned in the last newsletter, you can click this link to register for that meeting tonight (Monday Nov 23) at 6 pm. It would be great to have some progressive Wasco County residents attend this informational meeting.

If you have any questions, email me at Replying directly to this email won't work.


Demand Michigan Lawmakers Uphold the Will of Voters


As you know, Trump is doing everything in his power to stay in power. Here's a message from The Lincoln Project about something we can all do today. And please feel free to pass this on.....

Trump has summoned members of the Michigan GOP in a bid to continue his charade. Michigan’s Senate Majority Leader, Mike Shirkey, and Speaker of the House, Lee Chatfield, are meeting with Trump today to attempt to continue denying Joe Biden the electoral votes he’s won.

Please take a few minutes to contact them today to demand that the results of the election - and the will of Michigan voters - are upheld.

Lee Chatfield
Michigan Speaker of the House
Office #: (517) 373-2629

Mike Shirkey
Michigan Senate Majority Leader
Office #: (517) 373-5932

We must stay focused, stay vigilant, and stay confident. Our system is holding firm. Joe Biden is our duly elected president-elect, and he will take the office on January 20.

Joe Biden is now the President-elect

The news agencies are all calling it now. Thank you, POPPERS, for your contributions to this moment!

Election Watch Party

We're having a virtual election watch party Tuesday night starting at 7:45, to celebrate our efforts to elect honest, decent people, both locally and nationally. It may be hours and days before we know the results for the national races, but we will very likely have results for Oregon's state and local races a few minutes after 8pm. As our county clerk, Lisa Gambee, explained to me, Oregon county clerks send the results of ballots counted so far to the Secretary of State around 6pm on election night, and those results are posted just a few minutes after 8pm. In Wasco County, that 6pm tally usually represents about 85% of the ballots and unless the races are very close, it should give us a pretty good idea of what the final results will be. We can keep the Zoom meeting open for as long as people want to watch the national results come in, and you can stay on or leave as you wish.

To join Zoom Election Watch Party, click -

Meeting ID: 862 2226 7115
Passcode: 873511

If you have some spare time Monday or Tuesday, I urge you to join a phone bank. I know it can feel frustrating and not worth the time, but these last two days, the focus will be to make sure voters in swing states know that they must turn mail ballots in to Dropboxes or to the county elections office. With all the legal challenges by Republicans trying to suppress votes, it is imperative that voters know it is too late to mail their ballots. Helping voters make sure their votes count is the highest priority right now. Even if we call 100 people and most don't answer or hang up or ask to be taken off the list, if we reach just two people and help them find where to return their ballot, it's a success. With thousands of volunteers working together, those numbers add up and can mean the difference between winning and losing in close races. Here are two that I have found to be pretty good.

++ Vote Save America to call voters in all the swing states

++ Indivisble Oregon calling voters in Arizona for Biden/Harris and Mark Kelly for Senate

And, I'd like to thank our many volunteers for amazing efforts this past week! Ten of you prepared 1500 "Remember to Vote" cards with rubber bands and personal notes. Twenty of you walked neighborhoods and hung those cards on the doors of Democrats who hadn't yet voted, and thirty of you called Democrats in Wasco County who hadn't yet voted with a reminder about returning ballots to a dropbox by Tuesday at 8pm.

In addition many more of you have written post cards and letters to voters for weeks leading up to the election, you've staffed the Dems' office, you've helped people register to vote, you've purchased Biden-Harris signs (often multiple times after yours were stolen) which provided financial support to our local candidates, and you've donated!

I am so inspired by your spirit and it has been a source of great comfort to know that there are so many of us who value our democracy and our willing to give all we can to protect it.

And lastly, a special thanks to Kathy Schwartz, for starting POP four years ago, to start preparing for this very moment we are now in.


POP Update After Thursday's Meeting

At last night’s POP meeting, we heard a great report from Darcy Long-Curtiss about the finalization of a space for individual homeless shelters in The Dalles, so that people have a warm and safe space during the cold months ahead. Thank you, Darcy, for your tireless efforts on behalf of those who have fallen on hard times. If folks would like to volunteer or help with some food, please contact Darcy at

We also heard from Sandy and Bob about the Election Protection viewing that is happening. All is going well. Volunteers have identified a few things of concern and our county clerk, Lisa Gambee, has responded very positively and has made every effort to have complete transparency in this process. Wasco County began counting ballots this past Wednesday. As of the end of the day Wednesday, 9878 ballots had been returned in our county, about 54% turnout so far. For Democrats only, the turnout has been a whopping 70%! But this means there are still plenty of ballots that need to be returned. Thank you, Bob and Sandy, for your fabulous skills in recruiting and organizing 40 volunteers to poll watch for this election!

“Never before in modern presidential politics has a candidate been so reliant on wide-scale efforts to depress the vote as Trump.” ~Politico

The solution? Let’s Get Out The Vote! Here are three things you can do this weekend.

As phone-banking goes, these are the easy calls. You’ll be calling people who have requested mail ballots but haven’t returned them yet, calling Dems and other Biden supporters to let them know they have to return their ballot to a dropbox or election site and provide them with the information to find the nearest place to return their ballots.

++ Vote Save America to call voters in all the swing states

++ Indivisble Oregon calling voters in Arizona for Biden/Harris and Mark Kelly for Senate

2. GET OUT THE VOTE FOR OUR LOCAL AND STATE CANDIDATES WITH A LIT DROP THIS WEEKEND – Join other local volunteers to walk neighborhoods in The Dalles (or Maupin or Mosier if you live there) and hang one last reminder to vote and to turn in ballots at the nearest dropbox. Three brief (15 minutes) trainings and materials pick-up will be held Friday and Saturday at the Wasco County Democrats’ office at 203 Washington St. After the training, you can walk your list at your convenience over the weekend. The weather is supposed to be quite nice so bring a friend for a GOTV walk. Here are the three training times. Pick one and please email me at so I know how many people to expect at each training.

Friday at 4 pm OR Saturday at 9 am OR Saturday at 11am


For City Council Candidates Dan, Darcy, and Tiffany. Show up at The Dalles Post Office on 2nd St for an hour to wave a sign with a general "go vote today" message, or for one of the three TD city council candidates endorsed by the county Democrats. Text Dan at 541-238-2883 if you can come and include your cell number so he can reach you if there is a last minute change of plans.

- 8am, Friday, October 30
- 8am, Monday, November 2
- 4pm, Monday, November 2

ELECTION NIGHT ZOOM PARTY – We will get results for state and local races pretty quickly after 8 pm. According to our county clerk, these results usually reflect about 85% of the vote. We most likely won’t know much about national races for quite a while. But the POP group decided they would like to join together via Zoom to see the results come in, so watch for a link in a couple of days to join a Zoom call starting at 7:45 on election night.

POST ELECTION “PROTECT THE RESULTS” MEETING A group of representatives from POP, Indivisible Columbia Gorge in Hood River, and Columbia Gorge Women’s Action Network will be meeting Wednesday Nov 4 at 11 am to assess the situation and will make a decision about whether or not some action needs to be taken, and if so, when. So please watch Wednesday afternoon for any announcements about that. We plan to spread the word through email and our local activist groups. If we take action, it will be a peaceful protest to Count Every Vote, and we do not want to attract any counter-protesters with guns, so we will not announce any plans in advance of Wednesday afternoon.

Here is some great info about what to expect in the coming days…..

Julian Castro explaining the Blue Shift

How Trump could attempt to steal the election


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