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POP Meeting Tonight at 7 pm

Just a reminder that we have a meeting tonight at 7pm. Here is the link to join via Zoom:

And here is the phone number to call if you want to dial in: 253-215-8782
Meeting ID: 842 2342 4089 Passcode: 095998

In the newsletter I sent out Sunday night, the link for Michael Held's Facebook page did not work. Here is the correct link - Michael is running for North Wasco Parks and Rec Board. Please visit his Facebook page to learn more.

It's not too late to submit written testimony for HB2560 to keep our public meetings accessible to the public via telecommunications technology, and while you're at it, submit testimony to make Juneteenth a legal state holiday with HB2168. Just a short note of support is all that is needed. Deadline is 1pm today. Click here to submit written testimony for either or both of these bills -
Select 4/27/2021 1:00 PM

'Hope to see you all tonight at 7 pm.


Wednesday Ways to Make a Difference

Today was a good day. Listening to the news, it's clear that our nation felt collective relief over the jury's verdict in the George Floyd murder case. But we know we still have much work ahead.

Do you have five minutes on Wednesday? If so, make a call to Cliff Bentz and ask him to vote YES for H.R. 51 on Thursday to grant Statehood to residents of Washington DC, giving 700,000 Americans, a majority of whom are People of Color, long overdue representation in Congress. (202) 225-6730

Do you have ten minutes on Wednesday? If so, send an email to your Wasco County Commissioners asking them NOT to dilute the language of the Proclamation recognizing Sexual Assault Action Month presented by Haven (as three men on the City Council did last week). Or write them an email opposing the letter put forward by Commissioner Kramer regarding state firearm safety legislation. (Do it before their 9 am meeting!) Click here for the agenda containing details on the Sexual Assault proclamation and the 2nd Amendment letter -
Commissioner Email Addresses (copy and paste into your address line):;;

Do you have an hour or more on Wednesday? If so, join the County Commissioner's meeting at 9am and tell them in person how you feel about the above two issues or other issues. Click here for the meeting link and agenda -

Or....participate in a Town Hall at 5:30 pm hosted by state senator Lynn Finley and state representative Daniel Bonham. These two are NOT representing progressive views in any of their votes. We are their constituents, too, and we need to let them know that they should be represent us, too. Click here to register for the event -

Thank you all for the things you do every day to make our community and our country better.

Debi Ferrer

ORD2 Meeting Tonight at 6:30

Just a reminder that there is a meeting tonight with Indivisible groups from throughout Oregon's 2nd congressional district. The focus will be a question that Representative Bentz gave us when leaders from the district met with him last month: What do we want in the infrastructure bill?

Joining the discussion will be Jamie McLeod-Skinner, farmer and state legislative candidate Jerry Allen, climate scientist Alan Journet, and a representative from Senator Wyden's staff. We'll use what we learn to make our list of demands from Indivisible members in Bentz's district, and we are a growing force thanks to the statewide coordination that is happening this year.

Here's the link to join at 6:30 tonight -

'Hope to see some POPPERS there!


Findley / Bonham Town Hall April 21st


In my most recent newsletter, I listed the wrong date for the Town Hall hosted by our state rep and senator. It is NEXT Wednesday, April 21st at 5:30 pm.

Here is the link to register for it.

And here's a convenient link to track how our legislators vote:
Bonham -
Findley -

Enjoy these gorgeous days ahead!

Debi Ferrer

DC Statehood Photo Shoot at noon

TODAY - Monday April 12th at noon

POPPERS! Meet at Sorosis Park on the south side by the orchard with Mt Hood in the background for our photo shoot of our group with the DC Statehood flag with 51 stars. The more the merrier. The weather should be perfect for getting a lovely photo and the cherry trees are in bloom. DC Statehood is an issue that Indivisible if strongly advocating for. Our photos will be part of the campaign to promote this important part of reforming our democracy and making sure that every citizen is fairly represented in Congress. To find out more, click here -

Questions? Call or email me.

Debi Ferrer

Two Really Important Events for POP

Wednesday April 7th at 9 am
A Second Amendment Resolution is once again on the Wasco County Commissioner's agenda for this Wednesday. Is it a coincidence that Commissioner Kramer chose to bring this forward while Commissioner Schwartz is on vacation? I doubt it. We all need to step up folks! Click this link - - for the link to Wednesday's meeting and also for the link to the Board Packet which has a copy of the Yamhill County Sanctuary Resolution, which Commissioner Kramer apparently wants to adopt for Wasco County. Please email all three commissioners ahead of the meeting about why this is a terrible idea, and join the Zoom meeting Wednesday to have your voice heard. I'll be digging out the same statement I made at the public hearing two years ago...the same reasons apply again. Counties are not exempt from state laws. Period.

Monday April 12th at noon
Meet at Sorosis Park on the South side by the orchard with Mt Hood in the background for our photo shoot of our group with the DC Statehood flag with 51 stars. This is an important part of our publicity and promotion of HR-51, granting the rights of citizenship to more than 700,000 Americans who currently have no representation in Congress. They deserve our support in their quest for this most basic right of a democracy.

POP Meeting on Tuesday March 23 at 6:30

Don't forget, our March POP meeting is Tuesday March 23 at 6:30. I hope you can all make it... you'll be the first folks in town to get to meet some of our amazing candidates for local offices in the upcoming election. I'm so excited that our community has such a great group of people stepping up to serve! After that, we'll be making some plans for some of Indivisible's national priorities such as the For The People Act and DC Statehood, and looking at some legislative and other priorities here in Oregon. There are some really great things happening so I hope you can all make it! I'm soooo looking forward to in-person meetings in the near future, but until then, here's that Zoom link -

To join by phone, dial 253-215-8782

Meeting ID: 870 9415 6752
Passcode: 865562

Also, on Wednesday March 24th at 5:30, our state senator, Lynn Findley, and state rep, Daniel Bonham, are hosting another town hall to discuss state legislation, funding coming to our communities thanks to Biden's American Rescue Act, and a promise not to walk out this session since there is so much important business to be done. Yeah, okay, I made that last part up. Let's keep them on their toes, folks, by showing up. You can register here to participate in that town hall -

Debi Ferrer

Your Input Needed - More State Legislature Bills and Redistricting Updates

Hello POPPERS! Today's alert has three important issues: POP endorsement of a housing bill, statewide hearings on redistricting, and four bills to prevent more Republican walkouts. Please read on...

Please email if you think POP should support.
The Housing Team (which Will White is on) has recommended support. HB2006 would allow expedited siting of homeless shelters across Oregon until June of 2022, as an emergency response to the pandemic. This means many zoning and public hearings requirements would be waived, allowing communities to set up shelter facilities much more quickly. The initial hearing on HB 2006 was held on February 23rd , and the bill received strong support from both Democratic and Republican members of the committee. House Speaker Tina Kotek is the lead sponsor, so we anticipate that the bill will move fairly quickly toward a vote in the House. You can read the team's worksheet here - or check out the information on OLIS about it here -

We've just learned that there will be some statewide hearings on the Re-Districting process. For those of us in District 2, they will be Wednesday March 10 at 5:30 pm and Saturday March 20 at 1:00 pm. You can click here for details, links to submit testimony, and to join the hearings - This should be very interesting as Oregon is expected to gain another Congressional seat and it will likely be very controversial as to how the districts get divided up. (Maybe we can get rid of Cliff Bentz!) Our state rep, Daniel Bonham is on this committee. We really need to stay informed and hold him accountable.

And, there are four bills now being considered that are designed to discourage, penalize and prevent legislators from staging more walkouts. As you know, Republicans have now walked out 6 times in a little over two years. These bills are currently in going through the process to get endorsed by COIN, but I wanted to give you a heads up about them now as there is a hearing coming up and opportunities to submit oral or written testimony. Please keep reading as this is perhaps among them most critical legislation. If these bills pass, the business of government can be conducted. If they don’t, Republicans are likely to continue their pattern of holding Oregonians hostage to their minority demands by walking out, leaving the Democrats without a quorum needed to conduct business. Please keep reading to learn more about how you can help.

Summaries and links to more information about each bill are below. Please take the time to look them over. A hearing is scheduled in the Senate Rules Committee for Thursday March 18th at 1:00pm. Click here for the official agenda for that meeting which has a link on the left hand side to join the meeting at the scheduled time - Let’s show up and let our legislators know this is important to us.
Below the summaries are some talking points that you can use in written and/or oral testimony. It’s very simple (and very important) to submit written testimony. You can submit a statement until 1pm on Friday March 19th. Click here - and then select “3-18-2021 1:00 PM” for the date, and click on each bill that you want to submit testimony for. It can be as little as one sentence: “Please pass this bill so other bills can get passed!” Or it can be more detailed and more personal. You can also sign up to submit oral testimony during the actual hearing. To do that, click here –

SB 261 Prohibits members of Legislative Assembly from soliciting or using contributions to pay fines or legal expenses, replace salary, defray expenses or otherwise compensate members for monetary losses incurred as result of unexcused absences from sessions of Legislative Assembly. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

SB 262 - Prohibits member of Legislative Assembly who is absent and unexcused when Legislative Assembly is in session from receiving salary, per diem or expense reimbursement, and imposes fine of $500 per day of unexcused absence. Prohibits political contributions from being used to pay fines or legal fees, replace salary or defray expenses.

SJR 3 - Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to provide that member of Legislative Assembly who, without permission or excuse, does not attend 10 or more scheduled legislative floor sessions of Legislative Assembly is deemed to be engaging in disorderly behavior and is disqualified from holding office as Senator or Representative for term following member's current term of office.

SJR 4 - Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to modify portion of each house of Legislative Assembly needed to be in attendance for quorum necessary for house to conduct business. Proposes comparable changes to quorum requirements when Legislative Assembly convenes following declaration of catastrophic disaster by Governor. Refers proposed amendment to people for their approval or rejection at next regular general election.


Republicans are exploiting an arcane provision in the Oregon Constitution that requires 2/3 of each house to be present for a quorum in order to conduct business. Oregon is one of only five states in the nation that require more than a simple majority for a quorum.

Democrats holds three-fifths supermajorities in both the House (37D – 23 R) and the Senate (18D – 12R) and they hold every state office. This is because Democrats represent a large majority of voters in the state. And yet the minority can complete thwart the will of the majority of voters in Oregon by walking out. This is extremely anti-democratic.

There is no precedent for what Oregon Republicans have done in the past three sessions. The anti-democratic walkout has been used six times in a little over two years, more than in the previous 162 years, since Oregon gained statehood.
Check out this article by VOX for details of the past five walkouts in 2019 and 2020 -

The sixth and most recent walkout by Oregon Senate Republicans occurred on February 25, 2021 ( over their objections to the Governor’s Covid restrictions and the state vaccination priority placing teachers ahead of seniors. Further, these AWOL Republicans demanded that all Oregon schools re-open fully in person immediately, even though only 4% of students nationally live in counties where transmission is low enough for schools to re-open safely according to CDC guidelines ( How many more times will the minority party derail the work that the majority of Oregonians want from their government?

Walking out on the job is a gross dereliction of duty and an insult to Oregon voters.

Hundreds of bills died as a result of Republicans’ walkouts in 2019 and 2020, including bills to restore forest health, to fund homeless shelters, to increase transparency in government, to expand community mental health treatment, to trim tax breaks for wealthy investors, and many more (

In the 2021 session, the basic needs of Oregonians are on the line due to the coronavirus pandemic, wildfires, and the economic fallout. We can’t continue to let Republicans hold us hostage over their partisan demands.

Republicans claim they are not doing anything different than Democrats have done in the past. While it is true that Democrats have walked, it has been far less frequent and for much more substantial reasons. In 2001, Democrats walked out in protest over Republican efforts to redraw district lines and by-pass the governor approval process required by Oregon’s Constitution. In other words, they walked out over Republican’s efforts to break the law in order to gerrymander district boundaries. In 1975, Democrats walked out over Republicans’ refusal to ratify the US Constitution granting 18-year-olds the right to vote. (

Republicans also claim that Democrats in the legislature are leaving them out of committee meetings, meetings with the governor, and even preventing them from speaking on the floor. These claims are untrue. In fact, the 2020 version of the Clean Energy Jobs Bill (cap and trade) had many changes made to it over the 2019 version of the bill to accommodate Republicans, so many changes that many Democrats could barely support it anymore. And yet, Republicans still walked out over this version of the bill they so severely weakened, killing it and hundreds of other bills in the process.

Two Actions Needed

Dear Poppers, I hope you're all enjoying some sunny spring weather! And I hope you can take a few minutes out of these glorious days for a couple simple but important actions.

ACTION 1 - This week is the final big push for HR1/S1 For the People Act. Please contact your Members of Congress (Wyden, Merkley and Bentz) and let them know how important this bill is for democracy. Click here for some background, a script and phone numbers of our MoCs. For those who love to write postcards, Indivisible Oregon is holding a virtual postcard writing party this Saturday March 6th at 12 pm. We'll be writing to West Virginians to urge them to contact their senator, Joe Manchin, urging him to support S1. Click here to register for that event - And contact me ( to get some postcards and stamps.

ACTION 2 - Please look over these bills and let me know if you think POP should sign on to supporting them. Thanks to those of you who let me know about last week’s bills (about 10 of you), but it would be great if I could hear from more folks! If you agree with all the recommendations, just send me an email that says "Agree to All." If you have particular bills you disagree with the recommendations over, let me know your vote on each one. (

Election Day postmark allowed for ballots
Two bills address this, HB2226 and HB2687. The main difference is that HB2226 excludes ballot drop offs by anyone other than the voter themselves, except on election day. This provision is not included in HB2687. In addition, per HB2226 those filing absentee ballots must pay for their own postage. This provision is not included in HB2687. The Legislative Team believes HB2687 is the better bill and strongly endorse that one. The Leg Team is opposing HB2226.

Allowing felons to vote while incarcerated
There are also two bills on this topic: HB2366 and SB571. The main difference between the two bills as originally formulated is that HB2366 was limited to felons whose crimes were committed in Oregon. SB571 applies to all felons. Although not reflected as of Feb 28 in the online materials in OLIS, we are told by Rep Rayfield’s office that HB2366 has been amended to remove the stipulation that it only applies to felonies committed within the State of Oregon. In its revised form, this bill is now essentially equivalent to SB571. Accordingly, the Legislative Team now support both bills. This is an interesting topic. I was a bit hesitant at first till I heard the arguments for it.

The Legislative Team recommends that we OPPOSE HB 2610, which would eliminate safe passage requirements for fish statewide. A whole host of environmental groups oppose this bill, as do the COIN member groups Vocal Seniority and Act for Democracy. Rep. Nearman supports it. All you need to know!

Here is the link to the Google Drive file where I am posting all the worksheets completed on these bills by the members of the Legislative Teams for those who care to view more of the rationale for the Team’s support or opposition to these bills.
And, if you are interested in tracking any of these bills or sitting in via Zoom on hearings for these and other bills, go to for your one-stop shopping for everything related to the Oregon Legislature. And feel free to contact me if you would like some help figuring out how to track bills or attend a hearing.

Thank You!
Debi Ferrer

Your Opinion Needed

Dear POP Members,

Your help is needed to make sure we get legislation in Oregon we want, and that we don't get legislation we don't want.

The statewide COIN (Consolidated Oregon Indivisible Network) Legislative Team has been tracking a number of bills and will continue to do so throughout the 2021 session. So you'll be seeing more requests like this one. There is a fairly rigorous process these bills go through before COIN officially endorses a bill, and the last step is getting approval from at least 10 Indivisible groups in the state and no significant opposition. That's where you come in! Please email YES or NO for all the bills listed below, or YES or NO for specific bills. Our statewide Indivisible groups have a growing influence. Bills supported by COIN will get a big boost and extra publicity, so your participation in this part of the vetting process is really important.

The following bills have been recommended for endorsement by the Legislative Team. For more information about each bill, click this link to a folder with the research done for each bill by the Legislative Team - You can also go on the OLIS website to read the actual bills or just Google them to find out more.

HB2678 - Establishes ranked choice voting for local non-partisan races and for state and federal partisan primary races.

HB2685 - Companion bill for HB2678 allows for ranked choice voting for military and overseas voters.

HB2686 - Companion bill for HB2678 assures new voting equipment will be compliant with ranked choice voting methods.

HB2921 - For Oregon senate and representative races, a candidate opting in to the Small Donor Election program would agree to accept only contributions of $250 or less and each contribution would be matched with public funds up to a maximum cap.

HB2945 - Will expand on and streamline the provisions of a 2015 bill that require the phase out of toxic chemicals in products for children.

HB2842 - The Healthy Homes bill provides grants to assist low income households with home repairs and retrofits.

TThat's it for now. Thank you for taking the time to be a part of the democratic process!



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