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NORCOR Lawsuit hearing July 11th

Tuesday, July 3, 2018 - 22:00

July 11 is the next hearing in Wasco County Circuit Court on the taxpayer lawsuit against NORCOR, at 9:00 AM in Wasco Co. Courthouse room 202. Plaintiffs want as many people as possible to attend the hearing, to witness the arguments. We advise everyone to maintain proper courtroom manners for this hearing.

It is expected that Judge John Wolf will hear several competing motions from attorneys on both sides. The eventual ruling is potentially very significant for the State of Oregon’s sanctuary law.

Plaintiffs in this case include Brian Stovall, Connie Krummrich, John Olmstead and Karen Brown, all Wasco County residents. They are represented by the Oregon Law Center.

NORCOR is represented by attorneys from Annala, Carey, Thompson, VanKoten & Cleaveland, PC of Hood River, and Sussman Shank, LLP of Portland.

The suit asserts that NORCOR is violating a 1987 state sanctuary law which prohibits using local money or resources to enforce federal immigration law if a person’s only infraction is being in the country unlawfully.

Depositions were conducted in May, where Administrator Bryan Brandenburg, Lt. Dan Lindhorst (a NORCOR employee) and Jim Weed (a former NORCOR administrator) were questioned by Oregon Law Center attorneys.

Please pass the hearing information along to friends and allies.

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