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clear cutting our public lands bill needs your action today!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 - 11:30

Hey Poppers. Today (well tomorrow, actually), is an important vote we need to weigh in on. Tomorrow the House will be voting on the mother of all clear cutting bills, stripping away protections and regulations for logging on public lands all over the US. It will exempt the Clean Water Act and Endangered Species protections against logging our public lands. This is the same bill that Walden drew upon when framing his clear cut bill for the Columbia Gorge Scenic Area. Please call the following congressmen today and ask them please NOT vote for HR 2936!

Rep. Peter DeFazio (541) 465-6732 @RepPeterDeFazio
Rep. Kurt Schrader (503) 588-9100 @RepSchrader
Rep. Greg Walden (202) 225-6730 @repgregwalden

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