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Wednesday Ways to Make a Difference

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 - 20:30

Today was a good day. Listening to the news, it's clear that our nation felt collective relief over the jury's verdict in the George Floyd murder case. But we know we still have much work ahead.

Do you have five minutes on Wednesday? If so, make a call to Cliff Bentz and ask him to vote YES for H.R. 51 on Thursday to grant Statehood to residents of Washington DC, giving 700,000 Americans, a majority of whom are People of Color, long overdue representation in Congress. (202) 225-6730

Do you have ten minutes on Wednesday? If so, send an email to your Wasco County Commissioners asking them NOT to dilute the language of the Proclamation recognizing Sexual Assault Action Month presented by Haven (as three men on the City Council did last week). Or write them an email opposing the letter put forward by Commissioner Kramer regarding state firearm safety legislation. (Do it before their 9 am meeting!) Click here for the agenda containing details on the Sexual Assault proclamation and the 2nd Amendment letter -
Commissioner Email Addresses (copy and paste into your address line):;;

Do you have an hour or more on Wednesday? If so, join the County Commissioner's meeting at 9am and tell them in person how you feel about the above two issues or other issues. Click here for the meeting link and agenda -

Or....participate in a Town Hall at 5:30 pm hosted by state senator Lynn Finley and state representative Daniel Bonham. These two are NOT representing progressive views in any of their votes. We are their constituents, too, and we need to let them know that they should be represent us, too. Click here to register for the event -

Thank you all for the things you do every day to make our community and our country better.

Debi Ferrer

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