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Walden Town Hall Today at 4 in Cascade Locks

Wednesday, July 3, 2019 - 07:30

There are so many things to ask Representative Walden about. We have a chance to do it today in Cascade Locks at 4 pm at the Marine Park Pavilion Building, 395 Portage Road.

As we know, Walden is a clever politician who will try to spin his own accomplishments in a positive light, and criticize everything Democrats are trying to do. Let's try to get him on the record with some of the critical things happening right now. Following are some sample questions. I'm sure you can think of many more!

Mr. Walden, why have you been silent about the Trump Administration's mistreatment of children and adults at the border? Have you visited the border facilities to see for yourself the human rights abuses occurring? What have you personally done so far, and what do you plan to do about this emergency going forward?

Americans have made it clear they believe health care is a human right. Can you support a public option, such as Medicare for America, that would allow individuals and businesses to buy into Medicare as an alternative to their private for-profit insurance companies?

As many states move to test Roe v. Wade with laws banning abortions, even in cases of rape and incest, do you support a woman's right to decide for herself whether or not to terminate a pregnancy? If so, will you support federal laws protecting this right? If not, will you support better contraceptive coverage by insurance providers, including Medicaid?

Many Members of Congress, including Republicans, have publicly state that do not support going to war with Iran, as the president has threatened? Do you support a war with Iran? If not, will you co-sponsor a bill to defund authorization of war with Iran - HR 2345 specifically?

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