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WALDEN TOWN HALL - Friday March 15 at 11:15 AM The Dalles Civic Auditorium

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 09:30

POPPERS - WE NEED YOU! This Friday, March 15th, at 11:15 am at The Dalles Civic Auditorium, Greg Walden is holding his first town hall in two years in Wasco County. Let's make up for lost time and let him know that we're still not satisfied with his representation. Come early to get a ticket if you want to speak. If you don't want to speak, get a ticket anyway and give it to someone who does. We are encouraging speakers to make statements rather than asking him questions. If you ask a question, he'll just deflect. If you make a statement and let him know that you're disappointed in a vote he has made or a position he has taken, he has less chance to lie about "all his great accomplishments."

Walden's recent votes that you might want to consider speaking about....

Walden voted NO on H.R. 1 - For the People Act. This bill addresses voter access, election integrity, election security, political spending, and ethics for the three branches of government.

Walden voted NO on on H.R. 1112 - Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019. This bill would give law enforcement agencies more time to conduct background checks for gun sales.

Walden voted NO on H.R. 8 - Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019. This bill would require background checks for firearm transfers between private parties.

Walden voted NO on H.J.Res.37 - Directing the removal of United States Armed Forces from hostilities in the Republic of Yemen that have not been authorized by Congress.

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