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Thursday, October 8, 2020 - 08:00

Hey Poppers! There are two rewarding volunteer opportunities for this coming weekend....

Community Litter Clean Up this Saturday Oct 10 - Meet at Thompson Park at 10:00am. Organizers will send crews to various places around town.

Help with Voter Registration between now and the deadline, next Tuesday Oct 13.
Kristine and Will are planning to set up a voter registration table this Friday, October 10, from 3-5 pm, in front of the post office in The Dalles.

If you are interested in doing some registration yourself and could be available for a shift on Saturday the 10th, please come by to meet Will and Kristine on Friday and see the setup or let Kristine ( know of your interest.

On Saturday we would envision 2 hour shifts starting 10-12, then 12-2, 2-4, 4-6.

In order for the Saturday event to happen, we need someone to come by the post office at 5pm on Friday to pick up the materials. Ideally, whoever picks things up would be able to set things up and work the 10-12 shift on Saturday. (There are some signs, a small sandwich board, small table and registration info all of which can easily fit in the back of a small hatchback.)

October 13 is the deadline for registration! The set up is pretty easy, and people could go out other days as well, and to other sites. Please contact Kristine if you are willing to work a shift. They have been registering people each time they are out, so there are still unregistered voters to be found!

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