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Volunteer Request for This Weekend!

Thursday, August 23, 2018 - 11:30

We need volunteers to commit to some tasks this coming weekend.

We need people to commit to these things for this weekend:
1. Help set up auction materials – need to arrive at Sunshine Mill at Saturday 6 sharp.
2. Help take payments from auction attendees – need to arrive a Saturday 6:30 sharp.
3. Help staff campaign swag table at auction – need some people at Saturday 6:30.
4. Help set up at Sorosis Park on Sunday, be there by Sunday 3:30.
5. Help serve ice cream at Sorosis Park – be there between Sunday 4 and 6.
6. Help staff swag table at Sorosis Park – be there between Sunday 4 and 6.
7. Do publicity for Sorosis Park in town on Saturday and Sunday, but especially downtown Sunday afternoon as Sorosis Park event is about to start. Get materials from us and go to Farmers Market Saturday or walk downtown on Sunday mid-afternoon. Contact me at for more details.

I know there is a lot going on, including the whole Indivisible Caravan that we are supporting too. So we really need to pull out all stops and get people active to make ALL of these events a success. Please feel free to forward this to anybody you think might help out.

So please respond to this email at with your ability to help!


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