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UPDATE for Second Amendment Public Hearing Wednesday July 17th

Monday, July 15, 2019 - 15:00

Please pass the word that we would like to have a HUGE turnout for the County Commissioners' Public Hearing on their "Resolution Supporting Second Amendment Rights" this Wednesday at 5:30 at the Wasco County Courthouse, 2nd floor. Please be sure to click the link to read this entire message, as your email will probably only show an abbreviated message.

On Saturday, I emailed you a copy of a proposal by a group of gun rights activists, asking Wasco County to, essentially, pledge to ignore gun safety legislation enacted by the State of Oregon. Wasco County has responded with a Resolution of their own, which I have attached below. While it does not agree to many of the requests from the gun rights group, we think it doesn't go far enough to protect Wasco County from the lawlessness being promoted this group.

Specifically, the last part of the document, Resolution #3 at the top of the second page, identifies just two of the gun safety laws in Oregon that the Board is "committed to." We believe this leaves open the question of whether or not they are committed to ALL the gun safety laws in Oregon, and we believe that gun rights activists will be emboldened by the failure of this document to assert that Wasco County is committed to upholding ALL laws passed by the Oregon Legislature, which they are required to do under the Oregon Constitution!

For your information, I am attaching two other documents that summarize current gun laws in Oregon. We are encouraging our POP/Indivisible members to be informed, and to attend the 5:30 meeting on Wednesday as a show of strength and support for the Rule of Law.

If you feel moved to make a statement at the meeting, we encourage you to come prepared with a written statement. That way, you can read it if you need to, and if you don't get a chance to speak, it can still be submitted to become part of the public record. It is likely that we will be asked to keep statements to less than 2 minutes in length.

Connie Krummrich has volunteered to help anyone who may want to prepare a statement for Wednesday's meeting. You can contact Connie be phone or email (541-370-5807 or

Please contact me if you have other questions or concerns. And please pass this information on to friends and family. Let's pack the meeting room and and show our County Commissioners that we support the Second Amendment, but we also know that the Supreme Court of Oregon has held that "individuals do not have “an unfettered right to possess or use constitutionally protected arms in any way they please. The legislature may, if it chooses to do so, regulate possession and use.” (State v. Delgado) We support common sense gun safety legislation in Oregon.

Debi Ferrer (541-980-2047 or

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