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Two Really Important Events for POP

Monday, April 5, 2021 - 19:30

Wednesday April 7th at 9 am
A Second Amendment Resolution is once again on the Wasco County Commissioner's agenda for this Wednesday. Is it a coincidence that Commissioner Kramer chose to bring this forward while Commissioner Schwartz is on vacation? I doubt it. We all need to step up folks! Click this link - - for the link to Wednesday's meeting and also for the link to the Board Packet which has a copy of the Yamhill County Sanctuary Resolution, which Commissioner Kramer apparently wants to adopt for Wasco County. Please email all three commissioners ahead of the meeting about why this is a terrible idea, and join the Zoom meeting Wednesday to have your voice heard. I'll be digging out the same statement I made at the public hearing two years ago...the same reasons apply again. Counties are not exempt from state laws. Period.

Monday April 12th at noon
Meet at Sorosis Park on the South side by the orchard with Mt Hood in the background for our photo shoot of our group with the DC Statehood flag with 51 stars. This is an important part of our publicity and promotion of HR-51, granting the rights of citizenship to more than 700,000 Americans who currently have no representation in Congress. They deserve our support in their quest for this most basic right of a democracy.

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