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Shutdown update - call to action!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 08:30

From Indivisible Oregon about the shutdown. For more information, toolkits, etc. go to

Indivisible National Update:

Hello Indivisible Groups!

I wanted to share with you the latest from National on what is going on with the shutdown. There are a lot of moving pieces here that are constantly changing, so please keep that in mind and be on the lookout for more updates from myself and especially National.

Status/Vote Update

The government is still shut down. There are TWO BILLS that will be going to a vote on Thursday. One is good, one is bad -- and we need to make sure MoCs know how we feel about them.

(1) Bad bill/white house immigration bill. The crazy offer that Trump made over the weekend has now become a bill that McConnell will be bringing to the floor. It's another extreme, anti-immigrant bill.

Target: Ask Senate Dems to oppose.

(2) Ok bill/clean CR. This is one of the bills that the House voted on and is a clear CR until February 8th. As a reminder, our ask had been for the Senate to pass one of the house bills - so this is something we're supporting.

Target: Ask Senate Republicans to support.

This vote is expected on Thursday and they're both expected to be very close. In particular, there are certain Senators who will be important targets to vote NO on the bad bill -- but all Democrats need to feel the pressure!

What do we do now?

Keep up with our same strategy of pressuring all Senators to end the shutdown! This just continues to demonstrate why it's getting more and more urgent. The updated asks are:

Senate Dems: Keep strong! Don't make a deal with Trump that provides any wall funding. Oppose the White House immigration bill when the Senate votes on it and support the clean CR.

Senate Republicans: Vote yes on the clean CR.

House Members: Continue to make calls to members in the house -- we're hearing pro-wall folks are blowing up the phones, so Dems are getting a little nervous. House members need to be reassured that a majority of Americans don't want the wall.

Continue to plan district office visits, do the national call-in day tomorrow (and keep calling before/after) and if there are any town halls scheduled, make a plan to attend those and ask a question about the shutdown.

Resources to use available NOW

Social toolkit: Talking points, links, and graphics for social media, including Twitter and Facebook

Shutdown resource is updated and will be updated continuously. Check it regularly

Register here for Hubdialer to make calls to help end the shutdown. Calls are scheduled to begin on Wednesday and Thursday of this week!

We can only tolerate 6 losses on the 'bad bill' (this vote requires 60 yeses) and there are already several Democratic Senators who are floundering. Again, all Senators should feel the pressure on this.

That’s all everyone. As always, please reach out with any questions you may have. And again, please be aware that this all could change dramatically very quickly. We’ll keep you updated as quickly as possible.

Thank you,

Bobby Michaels
Senior Regional Organizer, West Coast
Pronouns: He/Him/His

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