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Save Our Postal Service Rally

Saturday, August 22, 2020 - 11:00
The Dalles Post Office - 101 W 2nd St

Join fellow Indivisibles from around the Gorge at our Post Office in The Dalles (101 W 2nd St) this Saturday, August 22, at 11 am for a rally in support of our local postal workers, and to protest against Trump's efforts to dismantle the USPS and make voting by mail more difficult in the midst of a pandemic. Wear a mask, bring a sign, and plan to keep socially distant from others. We'll have a sign-making table set up by 10:45 if you need materials for a sign. Please click "Read more" to learn how else you can help save our Post Office.

Please continue to call our Members of Congress (see previous POP alert) but let's also make calls and and send emails to USPS Board of Governors.
Be concerned, firm, polite. But be HEARD! Here is some background:

Louis DeJoy, the Postmaster General and Trump appointee who is now dismantling the USPS on behalf of Trump, “serves at the pleasure of” and reports to the 6-member USPS Board of Governors. These six men have the power & duty to #StopDeJoy & prevent Election Day chaos.

5 of the 6 are Trump appointees. You can read more about each of them here - They all have other jobs and according to the retired Harvard lawyer (CCJ, @NastyOldWomyn) contributing this info on Twitter is clear that a relentless barrage of calls, emails, and other callings-out will absolutely get their attention.

She says: "I’ve represented Boards as a lawyer, and I know “this kind of attention is not what they’ve signed up for. It’s disruptive to their day jobs, which is where they make their money. None of the members wants to suffer reputational damage from overseeing the meltdown of USPS during a pandemic. They do NOT want to be in the spotlight, so SHINE IT BRIGHT! Board members HATE being contacted, HATE having their phone mailboxes fill up with messages, HATE being inundated with emails and letters. And, oh, they would HATE being picketed at work, if someone decided to start a demonstration.”

Call and email each of the 6 USPS Board of Governors. Tell them who & what you are (a retiree? Veteran?), what you & family rely on the USPS for in this pandemic, how DeJoy’s changes are disrupting that and causing stress. Express worry about Vote-by-Mail.

For more background, there's a good article in The Washington Post today.

Here is their contact info:

William Zollars

Donald Moak

Roman Martinez IV

Ron Bloom

John Barger

Robert Duncan (Chair)

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