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Save Our Postal Service

Monday, August 17, 2020 - 11:00

POPPERS! Our election security depends on the US MAIL and as you know, Trump is doing everything he can to win the election, including making it harder for us to receive and return ballots by mail. Indivisible is asking us all to email and/or call our Members of Congress today or asap. Click Read More for a sample phone and email script and the phone numbers and addresses for Senator Merkley, Senator Wyden, and Representative Walden. Even though our two senators are in favor of helping the USPS, our calls and our emails give them the data they need to make a stronger argument. Let's make our voices heard!

Jeff Merkley 202-224-3753 /
Ron Wyden 202-224-5244 /
Greg Walden 202-225-6730 /

Sample Phone Script: "Please protect the USPS from the Trump Administration's attempts to dismantle it before our elections. We need to be able vote safely by mail in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic." If you want to say more, by all means, do!

Sample Email Message:

Dear Rep.../Sen....X

My family and I rely on the US Postal Service for our medications, our bills which we intend to pay on time, and everything from birthday and sympathy cards and holiday gifts and magazines to vote-by-mail ballots and other important pieces of mail. Going to the (mailbox/PO Box) is an important task and ritual in my day. I think of my neighborhood mail carrier as someone I trust. In a time of COVID, we count on the mail even more to keep us safe and out of harm's way. USPS services are critical to our way of life.

The country's founders even included the post office in the US Constitution. It was never meant to be a political tool, nor was it ever used as a political tool, to be manipulated for partisan purposes. Americans of all kinds support giving it appropriate levels of funding - without conditions - during this crucial time.

Sen.../Rep... X, This has gotten real. The health of many people depend on it. What else in the nation has a 91% approval rating? Only OUR U.S. Postal Service. Do the right thing and vote for full funding now and hold the new Postmaster General DeJoy fully accountable for full functionality of the USPS system. For example, demand that he return the 671 sorting machines. Otherwise, ask him to resign immediately.

Sincerely, ...

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