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Oregon State Day of Action - February 6

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 - 11:00

This Wednesday, Feb. 6, is our first Statewide Day of Action for Indivisible groups across Oregon!

We hope you will join us in this new effort to create progressive laws for the future of our state. Our first issue is climate legislation, which has a very strong chance of passing and making us a leader in the nation on this issue -- but we need a push from you to make sure it gets done.

There is a Clean Energy Jobs rally planned on the steps of the state capitol that day, followed by visits with state legislators. But no matter where you live in Oregon, you can still take part and raise your voice. Here’s how.


Go to this website,, put your address in the box on lower right and find out who represents you in the state house and senate. Keep that information because for the next five months, you’re going to need it.


Use this script (or make your own using the resources below):

"Hello, my name is _________ and I live in ____________, which you represent.

I am calling to urge you to support strong climate legislation when it comes up for a vote in the 2019 session.

I support:
A declining cap and trade plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Linking Oregon to the Western Climate Initiative
Creating a level playing field for clean energy and boosting jobs in that industry
I believe we have a chance to lead the nation on this issue. I ask that you please support bold climate action for the future of Oregon and the planet. Thank you."


Create your own email using the talking points (above) or the resources (below). Renew Oregon also has this template ready to go:


Find your state representatives on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and make sure this issue is being discussed on their posts on Wednesday, Feb. 6. Tag them in your own posts to make sure they know you find this issue important.


Here are some resources that will teach you about Oregon’s opportunity to lead the nation on climate legislation:
Environmental Defense Fund blog about it
Union of Concerned Scientists blog about it
Here is a copy of the bill, if you want details
Here is a link to Renew Oregon, which is closely tracking this legislation.
Thank you SO much for being part of this new Indivisible effort. Watch for future State Days of Action in the ORD2 Indivisible newsletter or on our website:

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