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ORD2 Meeting Tonight at 6:30

Monday, April 19, 2021 - 10:30

Just a reminder that there is a meeting tonight with Indivisible groups from throughout Oregon's 2nd congressional district. The focus will be a question that Representative Bentz gave us when leaders from the district met with him last month: What do we want in the infrastructure bill?

Joining the discussion will be Jamie McLeod-Skinner, farmer and state legislative candidate Jerry Allen, climate scientist Alan Journet, and a representative from Senator Wyden's staff. We'll use what we learn to make our list of demands from Indivisible members in Bentz's district, and we are a growing force thanks to the statewide coordination that is happening this year.

Here's the link to join at 6:30 tonight -
'Hope to see some POPPERS there!


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