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Local Candidates Update

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - 07:00

Tune into KACI this morning at 8:10 am to hear an interview with Arlene Burns, Democratic candidate for State Representative District 59, with host Mark Bailey.

City Council candidate Dan Richardson asked me to share a request for volunteers with POP members. Click "Read more" to see his full message and contact information.

Dan Richardson is making a call for volunteers! Dan says, I know many of you are concerned about state and national races. I share your need to see new leadership at the federal level. Absolutely! I encourage you to spend time and energy defeating You-Know-Who, and also flipping the Senate.

Local races are important, too. Imagine a city council in The Dalles that brought people together to have a more coherent, unified community response to homelessness; to thinking about housing and growth; and, to creating a local climate change plan. I'm a candidate for City Council, Seat 4, and I have a heart for those (and other!) things, and would work on moving them forward if elected this November.

Can you help me with that? I could use a hand getting the word out. Just an hour or two of your time would be huge. If you're interested in helping me win a competitive The Dalles City Council race, please get a hold of me. Some things people can do to help are:
* Join me for an effort to drop flyers door-to-door (no knocking, just dropping): 10-20 people
* Writing a letter to the newspaper;
* Joining me for a sign-waving just before the election: 8-12 people
* Following, liking, sharing posts from my council FaceBook page and Instagram account.
* And, of course, if anyone has a high-traffic location for a yard sign, that would be great, too!

How to reach me:
- 541.238.2883
- Instgram: @danforthedalles

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