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#DefundHate Wednesday Action

Wednesday, September 11, 2019 - 06:30

Wednesday is Call Your Member of Congress day. We've got a script for you as well as some background information and some phone numbers. Also, don't forget that Thursday is Make a Sign or Make a Connection Day. Some of us will be making signs at the Debate Watch Party. If you'd like to join us, RSVP to Debi Ferrer for details ( Friday is the rally at The Dalles Post Office from 4:30 - 6:00 pm. We'll have plenty of signs to go around if you don't make your own. Click "Read more" to see the script and more.


My name is [–] and I’m a constituent from [city], Oregon/Washington [zip code]. I am calling because…
I’m appalled at how cruel Trump and his administration are towards immigrants and refugees. Cruelty is the point for Trump and his GOP. I ask the Senator/Representative to keep pushing for:
• immediate impeachment hearings. Trump must be held accountable for his illegal treatment of our neighbors at the border.
• a budget that cuts ICE and CBP to “FY16” level.
• humanitarian guard rails for any funding provided to ICE/CBP.

Cruelty is the point. Trump and his GOP take positions and enact policies that are deliberately cruel towards immigrants and refugees. Cruelty is the point when separating families.
Cruelty is the point when proposing indefinite detention of children. Cruelty is the point when denying refugees flu vaccines and letting women bleed through their clothes. Cruelty is the point when proposing to deny domestic violence victims asylum. Cruelty is the point when reducing the number of refugees allowed in to almost zero. Cruelty is the point when forcing those seeking asylum to stay in Mexico. Cruelty is the point when threatening to deport people with life threatening illnesses. Cruelty is the point when weaponizing the safety net against our neighbors and penalizing their pursuit of citizenship. Cruelty is the point when denying Bahamians without visas entrance into the US after their homes were devastated by Hurricane Dorian. Our Oregon and Washington Senators have stood up against this cruelty. Call and thank them and ask that they continue to be leaders. Our Reps, Walden and Herrera Beutler have not. Call and let them know their actions and inactions do not reflect American values.

Washington DC office number followed by home state office number.
Oregon Sen Jeff Merkley - 202-224-3753, 503-362-8102
Oregon Sen Ron Wyden - 202-224-5244, 503-589-4555
Oregon CD2 Rep Greg Walden - 202-225-6730, 202-225-6730
Washington Sen Patty Murray - 202-224-2621, 360-696-7797
Washington Sen Maria Cantwell - 202-224-3441, 360-696-7838
Washington CD3 Rep Jamie Herrera Beutler - 202-225-3536, 360-695-6292

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