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Contact Rep Bonham TODAY - Expel Mike Nearman

Thursday, June 10, 2021 - 06:30


Oregon Rep Mike Nearman, who opened doors to capitol rioters last December and denied it was intentional was revealed late last week to also be a liar when a video surfaced, showing him explaining to the rioters how to notify him when and where they wanted to get in. The video was taken the day before he let them in.

Today there is a special hearing at 3 pm to discuss expelling Nearman for these actions. Our rep, Daniel Bonham, is on the committee. Phone or email him to let him know we want Nearman expelled for these actions that put our legislators and police in danger.

And please also submit written testimony to the full committee here - (select 6/10/2021 3:00 pm under "choose meeting date).

Below are some optional talking points you can use:

=> I strongly urge the members of the House Special Committee on December 21, 2020 to support HR 3 and expel Rep. Nearman from office.

=> Rep. Nearman literally opened the door for violent rioters to attack the Capitol, State Police and threaten lawmakers.

=> The members of this committee have a clear choice and a clear duty: Not only has Rep. Nearman been criminally charged for "unlawfully and knowingly" opening the door to rioters, the legislature's own investigation found he acted intentionally.

=> Perhaps most importantly, he was caught on video planning the attack.

=> His actions put people's lives at risk and resulted in injury to police.

=> He does not deserve to be in office. To keep the Capitol building safe he needs to be removed from office per the Oregon constitution.

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