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REMINDER: Final Measure 101 Rallies

Saturday, January 20, 2018 - 14:00

Okay, folks, we are going down to the wire. We're scheduling two rallies here for the last couple of days: Monday at 4pm at the eastside of downtown, just past the traffic circle. Parking available just east of the circle roundabout. Rally till dusk (near to 5pm). Forecast is 25% chance of shower. Second is Tuesday at noon to 1pm at 2nd and Union - in front of the Post Office. Forecast is 75% chance of showers, but we're hoping our good karma gets us a break in the rain. If you would rather go to 6th and Cherry Heights instead either time, please do. I will bring some signs to both events, but some didn't make it back from today's Women's March (yay!), so I don't have so many, so if you have one, please bring it. And feel free to stand out anywhere any time where there are people to see you!

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