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POP Indivisible Group Endorses Jamie McLeod-Skinner

Friday, June 15, 2018 - 12:00

The Dalles, Oregon
June 14, 2018
Contacts: Beverly Sherrill, (541) 980-3090,
Debi Ferrer, (541) 980-2047,
Bruce Lumper, (541) 296-6636, (541) 705-0468,
POP Indivisible Group Endorses Jamie McLeod-Skinner,
Democrat, for 2nd Congressional District Seat
At the June monthly meeting of POP (Protect Oregon’s Progress - The Dalles/Wasco County’s
Eastern Oregon Indivisible Group), the members voted unanimously to endorse Jamie McLeodSkinner,
Democrat, as our 2nd District Representative in Congress.
Jamie won the Democratic nomination for this seat over 6 other candidates in the May 15th, 2018,
primary election with a lengthy and strong campaign, and will be vying for this seat against the current
Republican Incumbent, Greg Walden, in the mid-term election which will be held on November 6,
2018, of this year.
In making their endorsement, POP was clear that their work over the past year-and-a-half has been
to resist the efforts of the Trump administration to roll back affordable healthcare for all, remove
environmental protections, implement inhumane immigration procedures, and to undertake many
other disturbing actions. The POP group believes that the best way to do this, locally and in-state, is
to assist in the effort to change the party in control of the Congress and the Senate at the mid-term
elections. Just 23 congressional seats now held by Republicans need to be won by Democrats at the
mid-term to change the House of Representatives to a Democratic majority and, with the unseating of
Greg Walden this fall, that number would drop to 22.
POP believes that Jamie’s Values are Oregon Values, and they include: providing affordable
healthcare for all; creating jobs and livable wages; development and implementation of gun safety
measures; support of our veterans; stewardship of our natural resources; education of our children
without debt; the creation and enforcement of just laws; the building of stronger communities, and, the
protection of our dreamers.
POP also believes, as does Jamie, that the role of government is to work in partnership with other
sectors of our society to provide the physical and social infrastructure necessary for people to care for
their families and communities. In other words, government needs to know when to help out, and
when to get out of the way. She believes that government has a responsibility to do this work in a
way that builds public trust in our representative system.
POP also appreciates that Jamie uses the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States as a
basis for the three primary areas of government responsibility that she has adopted as her policy
1) Ensure safety from international conflict and internal attack;
2) Create and enforce just laws; and
3) Provide a physical and social infrastructure that supports healthy families, individuals and the

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