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Campaign Kickoff for Solea Kabakov - Oregon Senate District 30

Tuesday, May 1, 2018 - 10:30

Dear friends,

As some of you may already know I am running for the Oregon Senate this year! As a democrat I appear on our May primary ballot unopposed as the sole Democratic candidate in my district. The real campaign for me will occur over the next six months, kicking off with a campaign launch on May Day, running through election day Tuesday, November 6th. I am running against Republican incumbent Cliff Bentz who was appointed in 2018 when Senator Ted Ferrioli (R) resigned to take another position.

I am holding a campaign kick off in City Park @ 707 Union Street in The Dalles on May Day, this Tuesday evening from 5-7pm. My dad's eclectic group will play some beautiful music for a half an hour, we'll have a few speakers for 20-30 minutes, then will mingle and talk. Those of you close by please attend if you can! Those of you who aren't nearby please look for a video from the event which will be posted a few days later online.

Please feel free to reach out if you want to talk. I will come and speak to the POP group soon about the campaign. Love and admiration to all, we have such an amazing community and so many strong women on the ballot this year! Year of the woman, we can do this!

Much love,

Donations online:

Help Elect Solea Kabakov to the Oregon Senate!
Democrat for District 30
Strength Through Connections
Building Relationships Across Rural Oregon
We the people can come together and build strong bonds across
the rural communities of district 30, the largest district in Oregon.
Core values
Transparency and accountability without the influence of special interests, corporate power or money.
Protect the vulnerable; senior citizens, veterans, the disabled, undocumented community members, youth, LGBTQ community and those victimized by hate crimes.
Protect the environment; reduce transport and use of fossil fuels, ban fracking, increase sustainable energy sources.
Achieve economic equality; support small businesses, increase living wage jobs, protect Social Security & Medicare. Establish fair and affordable housing.
Strengthen education and ensure our schools are safe. Our children are our future.
Causes to which Solea has contributed her efforts include:
Overturning Citizens United
Fighting Oil and Coal trains in the Gorge
Defending immigrants rights, Solea is a leader with the Gorge ICE Resistance coalition
Member of the Peace movement, we must end endless war! Greatly concerned about the lack of support for our veterans.

In these times of corporate control and loss of confidence in government Solea Kabakov stands out as an independent thinker. Her strength of caring and dedication to the people of our district enables her to put the people’s needs above all else. Together we can author the next chapter for rural Oregon.


Oregon’s District 30 is comprised of all of Baker, Grant, Harney, Jefferson, Malheur, and Wheeler counties, as well as parts of Deschutes, Lake, and Wasco counties.
District 30 is the largest in Oregon.
District 30 has a population of 126,000 with 48,613 households.
District 30’s Senate seat has never been held by a woman.

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